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GNF’s 4th newsletter features two articles, one about the new magazine, ‘Northern Correspondent’, the other about the campaigns to address the waste of food.  Read on line  – or subscribe today (Go to ‘Contact us’). Read More

David’s Blog

Each newsletter includes a diary, which talks about the GNF convenor’s recent meetings and events. DAVID’S BLOG March 30, 2017 To the IPPR North Conference today, Ed Cox (the IPPR director) and others speaking about the future of civil society in the North, ‘civil society’ meaning – Tony Chapman of St Chad’s College, Durham, explained... Read More

2nd Newsletter

Our second newsletter was published on Feb 11, 2015.  See ‘Contact us’ if you have not had a copy. Read More

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Newsletter 13

February 22, 2018

The |Great Exhibition of the North begins on June 22nd.  Read a preview of what is to happen – with news of current projects and innovation.  Read more Read More