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Our report, ‘PREPARING FOR AN EXPO …’ is now ready.  PREPARING FOR AN EXPO…

A news item on the GNF debate held in Berwick upon Tweed in October last year, debating the effect of the Scottish Referendum on the North East, go to News.  For a video of the same event, see next paragraph.

For some videos of the debates see the festival menu, ‘Embracing the Future’.  For a video of the GNF debate held in Berwick upon Tweed – and for other debates – go to or view:

A short film of the year’s events will be shown on March 12th, 2014 after the AGM – (6pm) at 7pm in St John’s Church, Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne and will be followed by a discussion.  

For further background to our proposals, see the Festival Menu,  ‘Background to GNF’ and ‘Ignite’ for the ‘Ignite’ article – written for the the British Science Association Festival (BSAF – Sept 7-12, 2013)   Look also at the Video of the re-enactment of William Armstrong’s ‘Admirable Speech, which he gave to the 1863 festival in Newcastle – 150 years ago. 

Now we are looking to a sustainable creative future for the North East.  Look out for our report which will set out all that we have learnt this year about what is needed.

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GNF’s new focus

June 14, 2014

GNF now has an updated focus: concern and action for the young unemployed of our region. At GNF’s directors’ meeting following the Extraordinary General Meeting on June 4th, 2014 – which decided to change the Company’s financial year from following the calendar (Jan to Dec) to the financial year, April 1st to March 31st – the... Read More